Sunday, September 22, 2013


Terrorstine was to be a comic strip dealing with this post-9/11 world from the perspective of a young "palestinian" girl. I only read the first installment of Daniel's strip, but it had a very strong opening where -as I interpret it- the young girl chooses to ignore her conscience for Islamic reasons - resulting in a terrorist attack she could have possibly helped to prevent - and is guilt-ridden over not doing so, which is the beginning of her journey. The project was initiated by Doris Wise Montrose, president and founder of the group, Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and it was to be written by Daniel Greenfield of the Sultan Knish blog. It never got off the ground, for a number of reasons. For myself, at the time, about two years ago, I had a number of projects I was working on at once and starting yet another project- one that would be done on spec- wasn't doable for me at the time.

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