Friday, December 06, 2013

Mandela Means Peace...

…in an Islam means peace kind of way. The bullshit is flying wild right after Nelson Mandela died, and not just from leftists. Mandela was a Terrorist and a Communist and he naturally supported Terrorists and Communists. I don't give a rat's Ass what "good" he may have done outside of that, and the purpose of that "good" was to attempt to bury the bad, anyway, it wasn't good for goodness sake. The gist from Mandelaphiles today is-  Mandela?! It's SUPERMANdela or you're a Scum Racist!!!!  

I will add: Bad people are good people too! - seems to be the gist of Mandela's defenders. His terrorism -if it's at all acknowledged by them- is referred to as if it were merely some kind of youthful infraction. Tell that to his victims. The willingness by some to overlook his terrorism, in order to focus on some out of context "good" he did, is shocking to me.


Bosch Fawstin said...

Tweeted this:

@BoschFawstin: Hey, Nelson, the Most important thing u can do is Smile. A Lot. They'll 4get you ever were a communist terrorist. - Mandela's propagandists

menosuno said...

I wholly agree with you!

In this world, if you are a communist, the means means very little.... because your intentions were good, right? .... or left