Thursday, February 02, 2017

"You Can't (Say That!) Stop Him!"

UPDATE 2: As my below cartoon puts it, I figured Milo wouldn't be cowed by the violence at Berkeley. He posted this on Facebook:

UPDATE: I just sold the original art for the cartoon below, as well as another one where the customer requested that it look like the first. So if anyone else wants to buy original art of my Milo cartoon, similar to this one, or another look, angle for Milo, let me know.

Here's my cartoon response to leftist thugs stopping Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at UC Berkeley. I've turned the thug's words of "You Can't Say That!" and "Stop Him!" into You Can't Stop Him! Because I think Milo will continue to throw himself out there, danger and all, to say whatever the hell he wants to. You can buy the original art for the below cartoon at the shopping cart under the graphic.

If this sells quickly, as some do, I can draw Milo in different ways with the same dialogue.

It's drawn in pencil and ink on 14 x 17 bristol board paper. 

Shipping & Handling included

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