Saturday, November 25, 2017

Order The Infidel, featuring Pigman #2 in Print

Here’s a glimpse of the interior, on video.

Order your print or digital copy of issue 1 here and issue 2 below.

I released the first print comic book of The Infidel, featuring Pigman #1 last month. (1, 2, and 3 are available digitally on Amazon Kindle and ComiXology), and now I have #2 in print available for purchase. As with the print issue of #1, I made some changes in the art, which I think improved the final product, so those who have the digital versions can see the differences, though some are subtle. Below is the front and back cover. Thank you.

“…the second issue of [Fawstin’s] series on the confrontation between Islam and the West that blends our day-to-day reality in the Clash of Civilizations and a superhero named Pigman … In an environment where censorship and self-censorship are common, [The[ Infidel is the rarest of things, it is a graphic novel which goes directly to the heart of the issue. Comics routinely pander to Islam. Infidel #2 stands up to it in the most direct way possible.”

- Daniel Greenfield / Sultan Knish blog

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: if ordering from outside of America, you Must choose the International option by clicking the down arrow at the end of the "Domestic" options below. Thank you. 

Comic is $4.95. Shipping/Handling is $2.77. Total $7.72 Domestic

And so there's no confusion about signed copies, as there was with issue #1, here's where I'll be signing the covers of issue #2.

Signed Copy $6.95. Total $9.72 Shipping/Handling, Domestic

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Physical Copies of The Infidel, featuring Pigman #1 are Now Available

Print copies of The Infidel, featuring Pigman #1 arrived today. Order your copies here. And here's a video of my initial thoughts on holding it in my hand...