Sunday, November 11, 2018


As you may know, social media platforms are targeting and banning those on the right, while allowing leftists and Muslims to get away with murder. And while I've seen people poo poo that fact, suggesting that it's a "balanced" practice, that's BS. Twitter banned me for criticizing Marvel's Islamic propaganda comic book, where jihadists don't exist, and the only Muslims are victims or heroes. All this during a global jihad. And after Pakistan blocked me on Instagram, my Instagram account is dead. And now, after I posted a cartoon saying that ONLY Hitler is Hitler, Facebook "banned" me for 30 days. They used the term "banned" instead of suspended, which is different, and ominous. We'll see. So I thought up this graphic, which is part of my The Shadow Knows blog series.

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Dave "Rock" Cowles said...

I was recently suspended from facebook for posting a memes saying "Republicans remember to vote November 7th!" and "Democrats remember to vote November 7th!" The one saying, "Libertarians remember to vote November 6th!" was acceptable. They called it "coordinating harm" and would not allow me to have it reviewed.

Social Media is not part of the US Government so we are not protected under the First Amendment. Many people are migrating to who say they have no censorship and don't sell our information. We'll see.