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STOP Pretending Islam is Not a Religion

Here's a new article of mine that I wrote for my latest book, My Mohammad Cartoons Vol. 2. After years of being told that "Islam is NOT a Religion!", I decided to write out why it IS a religion, and why this altruistic denial is self-defeating and only helps the Islamic enemy. 

“Islam is NOT a religion!” 

Hysterical religionists who are more concerned with defending religion than they are defending the West against a religion tell me this far too often. Islam is a religion, and it’s evil, and that’s not a contradiction. There is religion and there is morality, and the two are not the same, even though many conflate the two, particularly those who believe that religion is inherently good, which we all know isn’t true, particularly the religious. 

If your main concern is protecting religion from being associated with something as evil as Islam, then you’re in the way of victory. We’re going to have to deal with the problem of how religion, any religion, gets instant respect by virtue of the fact that it’s a religion. And the way to deal with that is not to pretend that Islam isn’t a religion, but to accept that religion can be evil.

I read a book years ago titled Lone Survivor, by a former Navy SEAL named Marcus Luttrell, and he was the lone survivor in the title, after he and his four man Navy SEAL team allowed a few Muslim goat herders to go along their way after they were discovered in the woods of Afghanistan, on a mission to kill a jihadist leader. And the decision to let them go was the last decision that three of the Navy SEALs would ever make. And part of what sealed their fate was that Luttrell, in making his decision to allow the Muslims to go their way, invoked his “Christian Soul” in doing so, as opposed to his “Warrior Soul”. Luttrell also argued with his unit that if they were to kill the goat herders, that it would be all over CNN. Their lives were in the balance, and he was concerned about what a corrupt, anti-American propaganda “news” channel would report about them. And those Muslim goatherders ratted out the Navy Seals as soon as they could, leading to a battle to the death that enraged me for days, and still does whenever I think of it. 

It’s religion that fuels the Islamic enemy, and it’s religious altruism and secular altruism, which has allowed this enemy to remain unexamined, and so, undefeated. Religion is why we’re losing against a very defeatable enemy, from the enemy’s religion, to the West’s inability to take on a religion. 

Christianity’s “Love thy enemy” and “Turn the other cheek”, in the face of Islam’s “Kill the infidels wherever you find them”, is suicide, especially in wartime in a nuclear age. No matter what Christians have made themselves believe, “Love thy enemy” is an irrational belief, and it has been accepted as “moral” by far too many in the West, religious or not, and is completely unjust and self-destructive, and the enemy is Hoping that we never come to that conclusion, because they like that the West follows a suicidal “ethic”, while they follow a homicidal one. In other words, they love that we’re suckers. 

Religion can advocate for moral behavior and it can advocate for evil behavior, but the problem is that most of us believe that religion cannot advocate for anything other then moral behavior, no matter what we all know to be true, that religion can lead some to commit the most obscenely unspeakable acts of evil imaginable, but done in the name of “good”. Christian altruism not only teaches Christians to sacrifice for others, and to live for others, but with such beliefs as “Love thy enemy” and “Turn the other check” still being invoked in wartime, it leads to the ultimate form of altruism, which is to die for others. If you think that’s extreme, consider how most of us in the West can live with the deaths of Westerners, as no matter how many are murdered by jihadists, jihad goes on, unabated, with no rallies demanding our leaders to end it once and for all. That religious altruism, coupled with the secular altruism of the left, where all others are viewed as better and more important than us, has led to our submission to this enemy, and will ultimately lead to our self-destruction, if it’s not pushed back on in a serious way.   

It’s religion that’s motivating a war against civilization, and it’s respect for religion that has allowed the religious enemy to get away with mass murder. 

When George Bush lied to himself and the world after 9/11, (he knew that he didn’t know anything about Islam, but he flapped his gums anyway) that “Islam is peace”, what this born again Christian was really saying was that “religion is peace”. He was unfit to lead us after 9/11, and we’re still paying for his refusal to see reality for what it is. And still there are prominent and influential individuals who bite their tongue about Islam, lest they suffer scrutiny for their own religion. 

After particularly horrific jihadist attacks, as the victims are still dying, callous Muslims run to the rescue of Islam to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with the attacks, and callous religionists run to the rescue of religion, pretending Islam is not a religion.

Islam is religion, it is politics, and it is a fusion of the two. There is No separation of mosque and state in any Islamic country. Islam uses its religious identity as both a shield and sword. The West’s religious need to protect religion has hurt our need to protect ourselves from an enemy who’s motivated by religion. Talk about skewed priorities, but it just goes to show how religion trumps reality and what needs to be done in our defense. 

Someone once argued with me, “When we fight Islam as ideology, we have the chance to win; no one can win with “religion”. (Nigel Mirage has peddled the same BS). We’re going to have to win with religion, especially this religion, because it’s the worst and most dangerous of them, and it motivates a global war against civilization. Denying that fact, for religious reasons, is self-defeating, and is one of the reasons why this enemy remains undefeated so long after 9/11. The only way we’re going to win, in the end, is by recognizing the truth, telling the truth and ultimately acting on the truth. Islam’s religious nature makes it get away with more than any evil secular ideology could, and that fact should make even religionists admit the danger of religion, the danger of placing faith above reason. 

This defense of religion, as if it’s the end all be all, which leads some to deny the reality that Islam is a religion, brings to the forefront the problem with Western civilization’s attitude about religion. It’s our unwillingness to criticize religion or to condemn it (though there are those who condemn “all religions”, while Never condemning Islam in particular), or even acknowledge that religion can be evil, and we all know religion can be evil, even the most blinkered religionists, which has made us either praise Islam -because it’s a religion- or condemn it, but only as a non-religion. However much religionists want to deny Islam is a religion, Islam has a prophet, it has a holy book and a God. All Muslims and the vast majority of non-Muslims accept it as a religion. Pretending Islam is not a religion now -in the middle of its religious war against us- does nothing for our efforts in defending ourselves against it, and allows it to get away with even more murder than it has. I repeat: No one would fly planes into buildings if they didn’t believe -religiously- that they were committing a righteous act that would send them to heaven. In the end, when we finally end the Islamic threat, we will be more honest about what role religion played in Islam’s ability to get away with the evil it’s gotten away with for over a thousand years, and of our unwillingness and inability to deal with it when it came for us. If Islam weren’t a religion, then it would not have lasted as long as it has, and it wouldn’t be defended as it is by its would-be victims. And that’s a fact that we need to observe and think about, very seriously, instead of dismissing it as somehow irrelevant. 

As I wrote in my article, My Name is Bosch and I’m a Recovered MuslimOur altruistic concern for the future and well being of “the Muslim world” (as if it’s a different planet) has come at the expense of American lives and treasure. We’ve placed the well being of “the Muslim world” above our own self-defense. We’ve placed today’s big lie, “Islam means peace”, above the truth we need to act on. We’ve placed the lives of Muslim civilians above the lives of our soldiers, placing them in absolutely unnecessary danger in order to protect innocent (or guilty) civilians. Our Rules of Engagement might as well be renamed the Golden Rules of Engagement, as our soldiers have been forced to treat the Islamic enemy the way we’d like to be treated. And the enemy takes full advantage of the altruistic, and self-defeating, policies that our morally corrupt politicians have concocted. We need to shift the focus onto our own well being at the enemy’s expense for a change. 

Here’s an exchange I just had in the middle of putting together this piece, of someone replying to my article, Muslim Roulette, along with my reply:

“The author’s otherwise fine article reveals that he has yet to realize that Islam is NOT a religion. Islam is a violently expansionist, totalitarian IDEOLOGY that wraps itself in a facade of religious pretense. Any ideology that demands that non-adherents choose either conversion, enslavement or death is not a religion but a death cult and a cult is not a religion.”

I replied: “There are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to defend Western civilization, and those who want to defend religion, to the point that they’ll deny Islam its religious identity, in order to protect the reputation of religion. Islam is a religion and it’s evil, and that’s not a contradiction. People like you have done your part to prolong the Islamic enemy’s war on civilization for religious reasons. Until we accept the fact that Islam is a religion, that 9/11 was as much an act of faith as it was an act or war, this war will continue. But people like you wouldn’t mind that, so long as Islam isn’t recognized as the religion it is. Buck up. This is about defending civilization, Not religion.”

Islam IS a religion.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Draw Mohammad Challenge

In the spirit of all of the "challenges" that I see out there, here's my challenge.

Draw Mohammad 

This is for artists who’ve remained silent about the issue of drawing Mohammad, even after cartoonists were slaughtered over it, and who are afraid to draw Mohammad, though they’d never admit it, and who have never been challenged over it. The reason why the Charlie Hebdo massacre happened is because ten years earlier, when Danish cartoonists were threatened with murder for drawing Mohammad, the civilized world, the world that claims to defend Free Speech, sold out Free Speech, submitted to the savages, refused to publish the cartoons, and even justified the threats. And the enemy saw that abject fear across the West, and they knew that they could get away with murder. And they did, because no one speaks of Charlie Hebdo anymore, and hardly anyone draws Mohammad anymore.

But still, after those at Charlie Hebdo were murdered over Mohammad cartoons on January 7, 2015, you would have thought that such an attack would have rallied the West to respond in a strong way, and for publishers across the world to publish the cartoons, in defiance of such an attack on civilization. Instead, fear ruled the day and it created a vacuum that sleazy politicians filled. They made the attack all about themselves, as they converged in France, leading crowds to nowhere, and saying nothing worthwhile or true about what had happened. And recalling the videos and the pictures at the time, these sleazy politicians probably made sure that the Mohammad cartoons that the cartoonists were murdered over were nowhere in sight in the crowds behind them. But there were plenty of trendy pens being held in the air, and t-shirts and signs with “Je Suis Charlie”, worn and held by those who would never draw Mohammad. If you don’t draw Mohammad, you don’t get to say “Je Suis Charlie”. The event dishonored those at Charlie Hebdo, and ignored the entire point of it all, that we must defy these evil savages by doing precisely what they threaten us not to do. 

Eventually, it took the typically callous actions of Muslims to finally provoke a strong response. Eleven days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Muslims walked over their dead bodies to hold an event at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, to defend Mohammad from criticism and cartoons called “Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect”. And Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer saw that and decided to stand with Free Speech by organizing a Mohammad cartoon contest where the winner would be announced at the same location, where there would also be an exhibition of Mohammad art, and Geert Wilders would be the keynote speaker. I ended up winning the contest, and the jihadists who came to mass-murder us ended up getting their heads blown off. And then there was a second attack on us, but this time it was by the media, on both the left and the right, who were determined to paint us- the targets of a terrorist attack -as worse than the jihadists who came to murder us. 

Free Speech isn’t about what we can talk about, it’s not about speech that’s considered “acceptable” in society at any particular time, it’s about saying what “can’t” be said, yet still saying it, come what may. And that freedom to say the unsayable is under relentless attack by those who view that freedom as a threat to them. Weak ideas, weak ideologies, can’t withstand scrutiny. And people having the freedom to say whatever they want could lead them to call out those ideas and ideologies, to expose them as the complete opposite of what they claim to be, and that’s why Muslims and leftists are the greatest enemies of Free Speech, because they have the most to lose if their ideas are allowed to be scrutinized.

If you don’t support cartoonists drawing Mohammad, then you don’t support Free Speech. If you reserve all of your condemnation for those who draw Mohammad, and are silent about those who threaten them over it, then you’re a coward. 

Once human beings are murdered over cartoons, those who would invoke “hurt feelings” and “decorum” should be completely dismissed. This is an issue of free expression, an issue of defying an enemy in wartime who wants to kill you if you exercise that freedom. Yet I’m still told that I shouldn’t draw Mohammad because it “hurts” the feelings of Muslims, because it’s not “nice”, because it pisses off Muslims. The only reason people are worried about pissed off Muslims is because Muslims act violently when they’re pissed off. But my support for Free Speech doesn’t end when Muslim violence begins, my support only grows stronger. 

Still, to this day, I’m accused of “provoking” Muslims, when it’s their threats over cartoons that “provokes” me to draw Mohammad. I know that most cartoonists don’t draw Mohammad because of death threats, but death threats should have been the spark to get most of us to draw Mohammad. It did with me. I was raised Muslim, and I never even considered drawing Mohammad, and I didn’t even know that there was a prohibition against it. But when Muslims warn us that we can’t draw Mohammad because Islam forbids it, we have a choice, to either draw Mohammad or become de facto Muslims and sell out Free Speech.

We’re always hearing that “it’s time” for something to be said or done, for no other reason than that “it’s 2019”, and it’s usually something as stupid as “It’s time for a black, female, transgender James Bond.” Well, it’s time that cartoonists who claim to support free speech draw Mohammad. Otherwise, you’re full of it. 

It’s time that those who claim to support Free Speech are put to the test. Behaving as an enemy wants you to behave is capitulation, but I’m told by some cartoonists who haven’t drawn Mohammad that it’s not their “thing”, that it doesn’t “interest” them. When cartoonists are murdered for drawing something that an enemy at war with us doesn’t want us to draw, the only self-respecting thing one can do is to draw precisely what the bastards don’t want you to draw. Can you imagine the World War Two generation being warned by Hitler and his Nazis that if they drew Hitler, they would be murdered, and of that generation falling silent and not drawing Hitler? That warning would have resulted in endless Hitler cartoons. I don’t want to hear, “Well, that was a different time”, because it’s just an excuse to capitulate, as if we all have to get on board with this Age of Capitulation, just because so many do it. Defying evil is a timeless thing, and while I understand that not everyone is built for it, if none do so, then evil wins. And right now, evil is winning. That we cannot defeat the Islamic enemy, almost 18 years after 9/11, is a defeat unto itself. 

Where is the traditional American defiance in all of this? As Ayn Rand put it, “Defiance, not obedience, is the American’s answer to overbearing authority.” And look at the part of the world that doesn’t draw Mohammad to know what happens when evil wins, to see what happens to an entire part of the world where the bad guy won. A world so defeated that the founder of the ideology that defeated them cannot be drawn, cannot be criticized, and so cannot be overthrown from their mind. The West resembles the Islamic world more than the Islamic world resembles the West, post-9/11. That’s Islamization at work. The incremental, corrosive, pushing of Islam down our throats as something good and valuable to us, when it’s antithetical to everything we claim to upheld.

When it comes to Mohammad cartoons and cartoonists, I’m particularly disappointed with Frank Miller, who’s referred to as a “controversial” cartoonist, but who hasn’t drawn Mohammad in the 14 years since cartoonists were first threatened with murder for drawing Mohammad, at least in a way that the news media couldn’t ignore. Miller used to talk a good game about Free Speech decades ago, but he’s pretty much clammed up about Free Speech since the Mohammad cartoon “crisis” hit, which tells me that his “support” for Free Speech was all talk. If you’re not going to support Free Speech when it most matters, then I don’t want to hear you yap about it when it least matters.

As for those who tell me that it’s not their “duty” to put their lives on the line by drawing Mohammad: Drawing Mohammad is not a death sentence, but Not drawing Mohammad, and not publishing Mohammad cartoons could be a death sentence for our culture. Speaking for myself, I’ve drawn Mohammad over 300 times, I survived a jihadist attack, I’ve gotten thousands of death threats from Muslims, and I’m alive. Yes, the bastards want me dead, and my life has become difficult at times, but Free Speech is alive, even if I’m the last one drawing Mohammad. If I’m going to die over this, then I’m going to die as I want to live, not as an enemy wants me to “live”. 

Islamic dictatorships forbid Mohammad cartoons, and the West is increasingly forbidding Mohammad cartoons. That this needs to be stated tells us how far we’ve fallen, but we need to be completely different from Islamic dictatorships, and in this issue, we’re far too alike. And that’s why I have two books worth of my Mohammad cartoons, so far, to try to keep that world at bay, even if only by myself. 

Some things are worse than death, such as a world without Free Speech. We know what that kind of world looks like, what kind of hellhole it is, so we should operate in a way that makes our world completely different from that world. And if this challenge of mine only makes people openly admit their fear of drawing Mohammad, then that’s a start. 

The Islamic enemy has many on its side who want to kill Free Speech, and we have very few on our side who want to defend it. This is unacceptable, and it’s unbecoming of a people who have the freedom to speak, but who choose not to, out of fear. The Danish Mohammad cartoon “crisis”, and the Charlie Hebdo massacre were challenges to our core values, and we failed to meet those challenges directly and honestly. We’ve become a culture that is regularly paying tribute to an ideology that sanctions the war against us. It’s infuriating, at times, to see this widespread cowardice, and to see a weak enemy have such power over so many of us. 

It’s tough to hear cartoonists talk about their "brave" and "controversial" work - such as portraying Jesus as a warlord, (while they would Never portray Mohammad as the warlord he actually was). It’s equally tough to see an organization- one that I used to be a card-carrying member of -claim that it’s all for Free Speech, but then run at the first sign of trouble. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund published a pamphlet about "Cartoonists Under Fire", which was written after the Garland attack, and which made No mention of me, a cartoonist who was literally under fire in Texas. I called them out publicly, on my blog, on social media, and on Red Eye, and some CBLDF members scrambled to try to put a good face on it, but they showed that their "support" for Free Speech was very conditional and very leftist. And they’ll never get another penny from me. 

It’s insane that cartoonists are threatened with death for drawing Mohammad cartoons, and it’s insane that we’re blamed for inciting terrorism, and I draw Mohammad, repeatedly, to push back against such insanity. This is war, on the battlefield, and in the culture, and I’m challenging cartoonists to prove their support for Free Speech by drawing Mohammad. Right now, and it’s hard to believe, but I’m the only cartoonist who is regularly drawing Mohammad today. There should be so many people drawing Mohammad that it confounds the enemy. If many of us drew Mohammad after the Mohammad cartoon “crisis”, and if many publishers published Mohammad cartoons, those at Charlie Hebdo might still be alive, because they wouldn’t have been so isolated and so easy to kill, as the few who drew Mohammad. A few years before the massacre, Charlie Hebdo had their offices firebombed, and Hebdo’s publisher, Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier, stated at the time, “I would rather die standing than live on my knees.” We Americans all have a good time mocking the French, but they did what many of us don’t dare do, so we should keep that in mind before pretending that we’re better than them on the issue of Free Speech. Where is the American equivalent of Charlie Hebdo? 

Marvel and DC Comics, and other mainstream comic book publishers, have published benefit books for all kinds of causes over the decades, and I think “it’s time” for Free Speech to get that same kind of treatment. 

As for those cartoonists who might be waiting to draw Mohammad, waiting until the coast is clear: the coast is clear. It was cleared by those who defend freedom. Some, with their very lives. If we keep acting as if Free Speech is over, it will be. 

The question isn’t “Why would you draw Mohammad if you know it makes Muslims crazy?”, the question is, “How do you respond when Muslims threaten to murder over Mohammad cartoons?” And the answer is, by drawing Mohammad cartoons. Free Speech is under attack by the left, by Muslims, and by the worst on the right, so when Free Speech is under attack, you defend it, you exercise it, you push back and you defy its enemies. It’s a simple thing, but we’re living in such a mad time in history that savages have made cartoons a part of the battleground in this never-ending post-9/11 war. Cartoons. And that’s not to diminish the value of cartoons, which I love and which I make my living on, it’s to illustrate how fragile, how hypersensitive this enemy is, and how we should use that as part of the defense of the West. 

One of the most self-loathing things I hear from non-Muslims about Mohammad cartoons is that it’s “blasphemous” to Muslims, as if we should place something as unimportant to us as “blaspheming” Islam above something as important to us as our freedom of expression. As if Islamic blasphemy should be any concern of those of us who don’t observe Islam. As if Islam’s prohibitions should be our prohibitions. This is one of the things that distinguishes Islam from other religions, in that it is the least live and let live religion in history. And regardless what people tell themselves about the nature of Islam, the fact that its founder was a warlord tells us all we need to know about Islam’s nature. “But there’s a verse in the Koran which tells people to live and let live!” I’m told. And then I have to inform them of Islam’s doctrine of abrogation, which is that if later verses in the Koran contradict earlier ones, then Muslims are to go with the later ones. So the later, violent passages calling for war killed whatever “peaceful” passages there were. One of the great conceits of Islam is that not only are Muslims to follow Mohammad as ‘the perfect model’, but that we all are. That’s a hostile religion that has overstepped itself, and we need to remind Muslims that Islam has no sway over us. And in this post-9/11 world, one of the most dramatic ways to show that is to draw Mohammad. 

Some people have actually told me that they’re afraid to even like my social media posts, which is a terrible state for a free people to be in. And even if none of you answer the challenge and draw Mohammad, well, that’ll make a point as well. You either support Free Speech or you don’t. You cannot remain neutral when your fellow cartoonists are threatened with murder and then murdered over cartoons, no matter what you tell yourself. No matter what others tell you. And no matter if no one ever challenges you about it. You know you’ve capitulated. I’m just letting you know that I know that you have. 

If you believe that you “can’t” draw Mohammad, then you’ve sold out Free Speech to its savage enemies.   

You support Free Speech or you don’t. 

Support Free Speech. 

Draw Mohammad. 

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Time To Bring Out The Goddamn Crayons Again...

My I RAN Cartoon, 2019 edition

I drew this cartoon in 2010, but after Trump just did the same thing that the last 6 presidents did, and that's run from Iran, and after someone had the nerve to tell me to remove Reagan from my cartoon (even though Reagan let Iran get away with murdering 241 Marines through their proxy, Hezbollah), it needed an update. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Timid Good Cannot Defeat a Righteous Evil

With Trump rescinding his order to strike Iran, and his fans tripping over themselves to put a good face on it, I'm thinking of the Islamic enemy and how it sees Trump's inaction.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

From My New Book: 9/11 Was An Act of Faith As Much As It Was An Act of War

“What do you think gave Muslims the idea that flying planes into buildings was a righteous act?”

“Islam. Religious faith. Though, according to some, it’s because they followed a “political” form of Islam, which doesn’t make any sense. In truth, it’s because 9/11 was as much an act of faith as it was an act of war. Nothing could get people to fly planes into buildings except religion, except the irrational belief that they would enter paradise after they crash. The idea that a so-called “political” version of Islam could get Muslims to kill themselves in order to mass-murder others discounts the motivational power of religion. Religion, not politics, leads people to fly planes into buildings.” 

Below is page 109 of my new book, My Mohammad Cartoons Vol. 2, and it's the first page of my six page article that argues against those who routinely deny the religious identity of Islam. Islam IS a religion, and religionists need to make peace with that fact, as well as secular people who strangely pretend that it's a "political" form of Islam which motivates this enemy. Islam is a fusion of religion and politics, and the religious aspect of Islam is the key in getting Muslims to do what secular communists never would have, namely killing themselves in order to kill their enemies, for the ultimate religious goal of entering paradise My book has 100 of my Mohammad cartoons, with 40 of them created exclusively for it. It has two new articles by me, one on Free Speech being in the crosshairs, as well as this one on Islam being a religion, along with an edited, updated and improved version of my 2010 article, Calling Islam Islam, as well as some extras. It's 128 pages, square bound, and you can order it at The Bosch Fawstin Store

So You’re Sick of War?

I’m sick of our government spending the last 18 years not doing what is necessary to end the Islamic enemy’s war on us. I’m sick of our intellectuals selling out the truth by pretending that Islam isn’t the Islamic enemy’s ideology. I’m sick of idiots saying that if we’re to finally respond to Iran’s decades-long war against us- with war -that that would mean that we would be engaging in a “new” war. All of the so-called “wars” that we’ve “fought” since 9/11 are all One war. And that one war, the Islamic enemy’s jihad, goes on because we refuse to end it. So before complaining about how you’re “sick of war”, ask yourself how a very defeatable enemy could remain undefeated if we actually waged war against it for 18 years. You can’t win a war if you refuse to fight it. So if you’re sick of anything, you should be sick of our government prolonging the inevitable, and you should be very sick over how our politicians are able to live with the deaths of American soldiers and civilians, and how they cannot live with criticism of Islam. 

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Trump Goes Full Saudi

Trump just approved of an arms deal, without congressional approval, that will allow U.S. hi-tech bomb parts to be manufactured in the dictatorship of our enemy Saudi Arabia, giving it unprecedented access to a sensitive weapons technology. And just like when Trump sold out Free Speech for Islam after Garland, just like he sword-danced with our enemies, the Saudis, on enemy soil in Saudi Arabia, calling Islam "great", and just like he hosted an Iftar dinner in the white house recently, where he again called Islam "great", this cartoon is the image that comes to my mind. I'm sick and tired of Trump fans excusing everything he does, even if it's things that should be Absolutely unacceptable to All Americans. I will remind Trump fans that he once acknowledged that Saudi Arabia played a role in 9/11, and for him to get in bed with them this deep is as bad as the last two Islam bitches in the white house, Bush and Obama.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Calling Islam Islam

I updated my article, Calling Islam Islam, for my new book, My Mohammad Cartoons Vol. 2. I’m sick and tired of hearing people, and not only lying leftists, refer to the Islamic enemy’s ideology by Endless terms, ALL in the name of Not saying the actual name of the Islamic enemy’s ideology, Islam. We are nearly 18 years removed from the atrocity of 9/11, and we have Yet, outside of a small minority of us, dealt with the fact that “one of the world’s great religions” is motivating a war against civilization. Also, there are far too many religionists who refuse to acknowledge that Islam is a religion, which is another issue I take on in my new book.

This needs to end. If we can’t name the enemy and his ideology, and accept that it is, indeed, a religon, we cannot defeat it. This is about telling the truth, no matter how many sacred cows it kills. This is about defending civilization, not about defending religion’s reputation. This is war. We need to be completely honest, and if we act on the truth, this enemy will be defeated not long after.
We’ve gone from naming enemy ideology -Nazism and Communism- to Renaming it-“Islamic Totalitarianism”, “Radical Islam”, “Islamism”, etc., all to the enemy’s benefit, since these misnomers imply that Islam as such is innocent of jihad. If you’re afraid to name the problem -Islam- then you can’t fight it effectively, and the enemy wants this to continue forever. The only difference between “Islamism” and Islam is three letters, but it’s those three letters that some people use in order to obfuscate the fact that the actual ideology of the Islamic enemy is Islam, and not some alleged deviant form of it. Western intellectuals and commentators refer to the enemy’s ideology as: “Islamic Fundamentalism,” “Islamic Totalitarianism,” “Islamic Extremism,” “Islamofascism,” “Political Islam,” “Militant Islam,” “Bin Ladenism,” “Islamonazism,” “Radical Islam,” “Islamism”, etc.
The enemy calls it “Islam.”
Imagine, if during past wars, we used terms such as “Radical Nazism”, “Extremist Shinto” and “Militant Communism.” The implication would be that there are “good” versions of those ideologies, which would then lead some to seek out “moderate” Nazis. Those who use terms other than Islam create the impression that it’s some variant of Islam that’s behind the enemy that we’re facing. A term such as “Militant Islam” is redundant, but our politicians continue praising Islam as if it were their own religion.
Bush told us “Islam is peace” after 2,996 Americans were murdered in its name. He maintained that illusion throughout his two terms, and never allowed our soldiers to defeat the enemy. And then came Obama, who told us, from Egypt: “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” If only he felt that way about America. Washington’s defense of Islam has trumped the defense of America and this dereliction of duty could well be called Islamgate.
Islam is a political religion; the idea of a separation of Mosque and State is unheard of in the Muslim world. Islam has a doctrine of warfare, Jihad, which is fought to establish Sharia Law, which is, by nature, totalitarian. Sharia Law calls for, among other things: the dehumanization of women; the flogging/stoning/killing of adulterers; and the killing of homosexuals, apostates and critics of Islam. All of this is part of orthodox Islam, not some “extremist” form of it. If jihadists were actually “perverting a great religion,” Muslims would have been able to discredit them on Islamic grounds and they would have done so by now. The reason they can’t is because jihadists are acting according to the words of Allah, the Muslim God.
From the Koran: “Slay the idolators wherever you find them.” Chapter 9, verse 5
“When you encounter the unbelievers, strike off their heads until you have made a great slaughter among them.” Chapter 47, verse 4
Beyond the doctrine, there is the historical figure of Mohammad, who, more than anyone, defines Islam. How would you judge a man who lies, cheats, steals, rapes and murders as a way of life? This evil man is Islam’s ideal man, Mohammad.Whatever Mohammad said and did is deemed moral by virtue of the fact that he said it and did it. It’s no accident that the only morality that could sanction his behavior was the one he concocted. Nor is it an accident that Muslims who model themselves after him are the most violent.
For the thirteen years that Mohammad failed to spread Islam by non-violent means, he was not so much peaceful as he was powerless. It was only through criminal activity and with the help of a large gang of followers that he managed to gain power. But he wanted his moral pretense too, so he changed Islam to reflect the fact that the only way it could survive was through force. And so, acting on Allah’s conveniently timed “revelation” that Islam can and should be spread by the sword, Mohammad led an army of Muslims across Arabia in the first jihad. From then on, violence became Islam’s way in the world. And today, acting on Mohammad’s words, “War is deceit”, Muslims use earlier “peaceful” verses from the Koran as a weapon against the ignorance and good will of their victims. Those “peaceful” passages in the Koran were abrogated by later passages calling for eternal war against those who do not submit to Islam.
How Mohammad spread Islam influenced the content of its doctrine and therefore tells us exactly what Islam means.
Note also that the only reason we’re talking about Islam is because we’ve been forced to by its jihad. And where are Islam’s “conscientious objectors”? Nowhere to be found, for even lax Muslims have been silent against jihad. But that doesn’t stop desperate Westerners from pointing to them as representives of “Moderate Islam.” Far from being a personal faith, Islam is a belligerent collectivist ideology that rejects a live-and-let-live attitude towards non-Muslims. And while the jihadists may not represent all Muslims, they do represent Islam.
In the end, most Muslims have proven themselves to be mere sheep to their jihadist wolves, and irrelevant as allies in this war. Former Muslims call the enemy’s ideology Islam, and they dismiss the idea of “Moderate Islam” as they would the idea of “Moderate Evil.” When, based on his actions, Mohammad would be described today as a “Muslim Extremist,” then non-violent Muslims should condemn their prophet and their religion, not those who point it out.
Islam is the enemy’s ideology and evading that fact only helps its agents get away with more murder than they would otherwise. Western politicians and most of our intellectuals have sold us out, so it’s up to the rest of us to defend our way of life by understanding Islam and telling the truth about it in whatever way we can. If we can’t even call Islam by its name, how the hell are we going to defend ourselves against its true believers? I call the enemy what they are, jihadists and stealth jihadists, and the “War on Terror” should be called The War on Jihad.
But behind it all, it’s Islam that makes the enemy tick.
We need to acknowledge Islam’s place in the threat we face and say so without equivocation. Not saying “Islam” helps Islam and hurts us. So we should always call the enemy’s ideology by its actual name.
We need to call Islam Islam.
© Bosch Fawstin

Thursday, June 06, 2019

D-DAY, 75 Years Later

Many of them knew that they were going to die, and they still fought to save the world from the bad guys who wanted to plunge the world into chaos. The debt can never be repaid, but we can honor them, and we can appreciate our freedom more because of men like them. I know full well that I cannot write and draw as I do without U.S. soldiers defending my freedom to do so. Thank You. 

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Pigman vs The Fixer

I've been a long time fan of Frank Miller, and his work had a lot to do with me choosing to become a cartoonist, particularly The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil: Born Again. So, a few years after 9/11, when I heard that he was working on a post-9/11 graphic novel featuring Batman taking on Al Qaeda, I was excited, as I had just created my counter-jihad superhero, Pigman, and I had plans to create a series with him, that took on both jihad and Islam. But Miller ended up changing Batman to a character he called "The Fixer", no doubt because DC Comics didn't have the nerve to have one of their franchise characters taking on the Islamic enemy, though Miller claims it was his decision to change Batman to the Fixer. And I question Miller these days, as he's said things which belie positions he's held in the past, such as him once being openly against the leftist Occupy movement, justifiably ripping them a new one in an article on his website, (which led me to honor it in a cartoon) which I think has now disappeared, and which he now regrets, saying that he wasn't in the right state of mind. And, in typical career-saving mode for many entertainers, he has since been trashing Trump to anyone who would listen, not in any principled way, but in the typical leftist way, calling him orange, etc., and in as safe a way as possible for someone wanting to get on the left's good side, after he appeared to be going towards the right. 

And Miller now embarrassingly praises someone as pathetic as Hillary Clinton, even saying that he voted for her twice for president, which he couldn't have, because she was only the nominee once. And there was some backlash to his anti-jihad graphic novel, Holy Terror, with leftists characteristically being on the side of the Islamic enemy, under the guise of "defending Muslims", and trashing Miller as an "Islamophobe". NO one equates Muslims and Jihadists as much as leftists do, yet if they had their way, there would be No comic books taking on the Islamic enemy. If you look at mainstream comic books, post-911, not only is the Islamic enemy Not being taken on, but Marvel and DC have been publishing Muslim superheroes, with NO mention of the ONLY reason we're talking about Islam these days, Jihad. In their fantasy universe, Muslims are Only heroes or victims, never villains. And unfortunately, Miller, in his interviews about Holy Terror, said he didn't know "squat" about Islam, and that his book was merely against al Qaeda. You cannot be against al Qaeda, and not be against Islam, no matter what Miller and others pretend. Al Qaeda, like ISIS, are natural offshoots of Islam, not alleged "anti-islamic" groups, as the worst politicians have stated. And Miller's weak book and weak interviews on them, disappointed me. 

Holy Terror may be his most forgettable read, in that he did not delve deep into what makes the Islamic enemy tick, and it's obvious that he didn't give the story, nor the art, the thought and time that he has given his best projects. It's not enough to take on this enemy, you must do so honestly and thoroughly, and get to the crux of the matter, that "one of the world's great religions" is behind the jihad, the war, against civilization. That Miller felt he needed to make that disclaimer about his book in his interviews, "I don't know squat about islam", proves that he didn't do his necessary homework about the enemy before embarking on this project, and it showed, particularly in its lack of balls that it needed. And someone knew of my criticism of Miller's Holy Terror, and requested this commission of Pigman punching Miller's stand in for Batman, The Fixer, with the Fixer aping what Miller said, and with Pigman shutting him up. 

If you want to read a comic book the takes on not only jihad, but Islam, and the left's political correctness, you can order my Pigman comic books here

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

If Facebook Were Actually Concerned With Violent and Dangerous People On Their Platform...

…they’d be targeting and banning Muslims who, more than any other group, threaten to murder people on their platform. None on Facebook, or in the world, are more violent than Muslims, and they habitually threaten to rape and murder on Facebook, without paying a price for it. 

And I’m well aware that I have no right to be on Facebook, but unlike those who state that fact as if that’s the end all be all, I have the right to criticize Facebook for its fraudulent practices. 

And let me repeat this: I don’t want our corrupt government coming in to regulate a corrupt social media platform. Facebook is justifiably paying a price for its corrupt policies by losing users, and it will eventually pay the ultimate price for it by being supplanted by a far better and more honest platform.  

Thursday, April 25, 2019

If They Were Honest...'s the sign that truthist social(ist) media companies would have when you enter their platforms.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

"Don't Jump To Conclusions!" -those jumping to conclusions

Sparked by a comment Avi Yemeni made, about how people are warning about jumping to conclusions, While jumping to conclusions.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Self-Destruction of Owen Benjamin

He was a comedian. Now, he's ... something else. An unfunny, Jew-hating, flat-earther, "We didn't go to the moon"er nutcase. The best argument against him are his own words. Here's a link to a 4 hour livestream of his, titled "PROOF Ben Shapiro is worse than Hitler", that he did last night, while drinking, praising Hitler, condemning Ben Shapiro and "The Jews", along with who knows what, because I was only able to stomach 15 to 20 minutes.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Never Forget What "Islamophobia" Actually Is

phobia- a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.

It’s rational to fear an irrational, political religion like Islam.

“Islamophobia” is a myth like “Islam means peace”, created to shut down criticism of Islam.

A Picture of Mueller When He Began the Investigation

Sunday, March 17, 2019

JK Rowling's "Gay Baiting" Finally Gets Called Out

Well, after a dozen years of signaling to gay fans that some of her characters are gay, and now saying in a recent interview that Dumbledore and someone named Grindelwald had an "intense sexual relationship”, fans are finally calling out J K Rowling for her half-assed "gay baiting". 

Here's a video on how social media is calling her out.