Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Pigman vs The Fixer

I've been a long time fan of Frank Miller, and his work had a lot to do with me choosing to become a cartoonist, particularly The Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil: Born Again. So, a few years after 9/11, when I heard that he was working on a post-9/11 graphic novel featuring Batman taking on Al Qaeda, I was excited, as I had just created my counter-jihad superhero, Pigman, and I had plans to create a series with him, that took on both jihad and Islam. But Miller ended up changing Batman to a character he called "The Fixer", no doubt because DC Comics didn't have the nerve to have one of their franchise characters taking on the Islamic enemy, though Miller claims it was his decision to change Batman to the Fixer. And I question Miller these days, as he's said things which belie positions he's held in the past, such as him once being openly against the leftist Occupy movement, justifiably ripping them a new one in an article on his website, (which led me to honor it in a cartoon) which I think has now disappeared, and which he now regrets, saying that he wasn't in the right state of mind. And, in typical career-saving mode for many entertainers, he has since been trashing Trump to anyone who would listen, not in any principled way, but in the typical leftist way, calling him orange, etc., and in as safe a way as possible for someone wanting to get on the left's good side, after he appeared to be going towards the right. 

And Miller now embarrassingly praises someone as pathetic as Hillary Clinton, even saying that he voted for her twice for president, which he couldn't have, because she was only the nominee once. And there was some backlash to his anti-jihad graphic novel, Holy Terror, with leftists characteristically being on the side of the Islamic enemy, under the guise of "defending Muslims", and trashing Miller as an "Islamophobe". NO one equates Muslims and Jihadists as much as leftists do, yet if they had their way, there would be No comic books taking on the Islamic enemy. If you look at mainstream comic books, post-911, not only is the Islamic enemy Not being taken on, but Marvel and DC have been publishing Muslim superheroes, with NO mention of the ONLY reason we're talking about Islam these days, Jihad. In their fantasy universe, Muslims are Only heroes or victims, never villains. And unfortunately, Miller, in his interviews about Holy Terror, said he didn't know "squat" about Islam, and that his book was merely against al Qaeda. You cannot be against al Qaeda, and not be against Islam, no matter what Miller and others pretend. Al Qaeda, like ISIS, are natural offshoots of Islam, not alleged "anti-islamic" groups, as the worst politicians have stated. And Miller's weak book and weak interviews on them, disappointed me. 

Holy Terror may be his most forgettable read, in that he did not delve deep into what makes the Islamic enemy tick, and it's obvious that he didn't give the story, nor the art, the thought and time that he has given his best projects. It's not enough to take on this enemy, you must do so honestly and thoroughly, and get to the crux of the matter, that "one of the world's great religions" is behind the jihad, the war, against civilization. That Miller felt he needed to make that disclaimer about his book in his interviews, "I don't know squat about islam", proves that he didn't do his necessary homework about the enemy before embarking on this project, and it showed, particularly in its lack of balls that it needed. And someone knew of my criticism of Miller's Holy Terror, and requested this commission of Pigman punching Miller's stand in for Batman, The Fixer, with the Fixer aping what Miller said, and with Pigman shutting him up. 

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